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Consultant to Design Plus, New Delhi in Award winning Sayli Sports Complex, Silvassa Design Competition.(December 2013) See link :

Abstract for “Post Occupancy Lighting Analysis for a Commercial Office Building” selected for oral presentation in SB-13 Regional Sustainable Buildings Conference in Singapore held in September 2013

This study analyses the key principles in energy efficient lighting design for a commercial office building in India. Detailed assessment of the passive and active design features is carried out and is complimented by in-situ measurements. The results show that the building geometry, orientation & envelope is well planned to permit natural daylight to most of the interior spaces. The use of light shelves is highly effective in this regard. Simulations show that a 78.54% of interior space receives a Daylight factor (DF) of more than 1.9 with light shelves incorporated, as against 52% without the light shelves. It is also noted that the use of T5 luminaries is very efficient in achieving a Lighting Power Density (LPD) of 0.46 W/ft2. And field measurements show that the office space along south perimeter is sufficiently day-lit than the north, investigation into these are also presented. See link :